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Available NOWUtes in the Paddock Book and CD Now on Sale

* Utes nominated for NSW Heritage and Cultural Tourism Award and People’s Choice Tourist Experience Award

NSW Heritage and Cultural Tourism Award and People’s Choice Tourist Attraction Award Finalist* Utes nominated for NSW Heritage and Cultural Tourism Award and People’s Choice Tourist Experience Award

See The Sunday Telegraph on October 25th, November 1st, 8th and 15th for details of how to vote for Utes in the Paddock as your People’s Choice for the state’s most popular Tourist Destination.

You could win prizes simply by voting, including everything from a holiday getaway package to a copy of the soon to be released Utes in the Paddock book, signed by Ute Artists.

Voting closes November 15th. Hurry to win prizes by helping to tell everyone that your People’s Choice is Utes in the Paddock.


John Murray paints the beginning touches of what will be a mobile canvas full of outback art by 16 notable Australian realist painters

* Classic Holden HQ ute uniquely painted by 16 notable Australian Artists to raise funds for mental health in the Central West.

Watch John Murray paint the beginning touches of what will be a mobile canvas full of outback art by notable Australian realist painters. A charitable giving foundation has evolved out of Utes In the Paddock, aptly named Headlights, the 1972 HQ Holden ute, to be painted by 16 Australian artists and offered to the highest bidder, is the first fundraiser for the charity and will support mental health services in the NSW central west. Read more…

Ute Artists at
The Carrington - View a large selection of original paintings, prints and sculptures by reknowned "Utes in the Paddock" artists. * 'Ute Artists' Take to the Road in November

Our very own artistic stars are taking the Utes spirit of outback celebration on the road for an inaugural collective exhibition of over 150 of their original paintings and sculptures and prints.  Visit "Ute Artists at The Carrington" to be held November 1st through December 13th at the historic Carrington Hotel in Katoomba and enjoy artworks created by the 'Ute Artists'.  The collective exhibition is free of charge and open daily from 10:00am to 4:00pm.



the Ute Gallery

Images of all the completed utes and behind the scenes shots

Known Major Cases of Utes Fever

Some of the amazing people who have contributed significantly to this project.


15 Utes now in place ….more to come!

Ute #15 "UteZilla" by Jim Moginie and Stephen Coburn

Fellow sculptures and musicians, Jim Moginie and Stephen Coburn's collaborative transformation of a FE model ute is a menacing seven metre tall 'transformer'-like red kangaroo with her pouched joey.
More about Jim, Stephen and & "UteZilla"

Ute #15 Utezilla  by Jim Moginie and Stephen Coburn


Ute #14 "TribeUte" by Lewis Burns

Internationally recognized as one of the world's most gifted didgeridoo players and indigenous Australian artists, Lewis Burns' creation is a ute tribute to the Wiradjuri Tribe.  "Because the utes live in the Wiradjuri Nation and I'm from Wiradjuri, it was easy to come up with a design.  'TribeUte' shows the typical life along the rivers and waterholes, with people camping, spear fishing, hunting and gathering.
More about Lewis & "TribeUte"

Ute #14 Tributee  by Lewis Burns


Ute #13 "Dame Edna’s Looute" by Karen Tooth

A highly regarded member of the local community of Condobolin, Karen shares her passion for and dedication to outback life in all aspects of her daily acitivities as an artist, teacher and writer.  Her "Dame Edna's Looute" brings three classic Aussie icons together for a comical surprise.
Special thanks to David King for his assistance with construction for "Dame Edna's Looute".
More about Karen and "Dame Edna’s Looute"

Ute #13 Dame Edna's Looute  by Karen Tooth

Ute #12 Wiradjuri 'Uth' Story by Condobolin Youth Services

Aspiring artists of Condobolin’s Wiradjuri Arts Group joined forces to create this vibrant celebration of indigenous life in central New South Wales.  Wiradjuri is the largest of all Aboriginal language groups.

Specials thanks to NRMA Insurance for sponsoring the children's ute.
More about Condobolin Youth Services and Wiradjuri 'Uth' Story

Utes panorama

Ute #11 "Ute of Arms" by Brad Brown and Scott Edwards

Working behind the scene to help create elements for three of the gallery’s earlier artworks, Brad and Scott caught the "ute bug".
" Ute of Arms" is the duos' first industrial artwork.
More about Brad, Scott & "Ute of Arms"

Painted Ute titled Ute of Arms byBrad Brown and Scott Edwards


Ute #10 "Golden Valley" by Greg Brennan

Greg Brennan is enjoying more time for his true passions these days; his wife, children, grandchildren . . . . and painting.
At age 73, Greg recently retired from construction and farming to return to his first love - art.
More about Greg & "Golden Valley"

Painted Ute titled Golden valley wealth gained from rural enterprise by Greg Brennan

Ute #9 "Ute-opia" by Stephen Coburn

"My ute is called "Ute-opia" as the beginning of Ute EJ62 has been lost and therefore has no particular place of origin other than the highway, and it is only by chance that it has ended up here at Burrawang."-Stephen Coburn
More about Stephen & "Ute-opia"

Painted Ute titled Ute-opia  by Stephen Coburn

Ute #8 "Drizakubra" by Belinda Williams

Watercolourist Belinda Williams has been producing award-winning pieces for more than a decade. Using her self-confessed "love of the Australian landscape" she has captured iconic scenes of cotton fields ready for harvest in northern NSW, remarkable gorges in Western Australia’s Kimberley and the all-Australian swimmers of Bondi beach.
More about Belinda & "Drizakubra"

Painted Ute titled Clean Running Backed by Ned by Paul Blahuta

Ute #7 "Clean Running Backed by Ned" by Paul Blahuta

At the age of eight Paul commenced drawing, painting and ceramics. He graduated top of his art classes and later pursued a degree at The College of Art / Seven Hills in Brisbane before later moving to Sydney.
More about Paul & "Clean Running Backed by Ned"

Painted Ute titled Clean Running Backed by Ned by Paul Blahuta


Ute #6 "Central Western Medley" by Eris Fleming

"Since the age of seven or eight years I have continuously entertained the idea of painting pictures.  I grew up, went to University and subsequently practiced medicine for a period of six years – and I painted pictures all through this period of my life.  It has never occurred to me that I should endeavour to explain the pictures, their genesis, their realisation, and all that goes between."
More about Eris & "Central Western Medley"

Painted Ute titled Clean Running Backed by Ned by Paul Blahuta

Ute #5 "Clancy Stops The Overflow" by Peter Mortimore

Peter is a self taught artist, having now painted full time for the last 16 years.  He responds to his environment and portrays images that evoke an emotion emanating from his surroundings.  His paintings and drawings are meticulous in the portrayal of their chosen subject.  He enjoys being told his work is ‘photographic’ and he spends up to 100 hours on a drawing and naturally, even more on a painting.
More about Peter and "Clancy Stops the Overflow"

Painted Ute titled Clancy Stops The Overflow by Peter Mortimore

Ute #4 "The Stockman" by Michael Jones

The Stockman has several scenes on it; the main feature the "Stockman’s Eyes" on the ute’s side, "Stockman’s Cooked Breakfast" on the top back, a local scene of "The Seven Sisters" on the roof, "Tea for Twenty" on the bonnet, a night scene called "5 Star Accommodation" on the other side and "Local Sunset" on the rear.
More about Michael and "The Stockman"

Painted Ute titled The Stockman by Michael Jones

Ute #3 "Emute" by Peter Browne

Inspired by time spent with his good mate Pro Hart, Peter Browne (of Silverton fame) used vibrant outback colours, spontaneous splashes of colour across the bonnet and many of his famous Emus to complete his painting of a 1976 HJ ute for the collection.
More about Peter and "Emute"

3 utes are in

Ute #2 “Epitaph to Fossil Fuels” by Shane Gehlert

Shane completed his striking political satire painting "Epitaph to Fossil Fuels" on a 1977 Holden HZ, which took its place in the paddock in late June, 2008.  Featuring Gerhlert's signature Roboroo amid stunning outback hues of red, orange and blue, the ute reaches upward to the sky.  Perched on its tailgate, “Epitaph to Fossil Fuels” creates an undeniably imposing impact on its audience.  "The roo watches you as you move from one side of the artwork to the other –I don’t know how he's done it, but Shane has an incredible talent."-visitor from England
More about Shane and "Epitaph to Fossil Fuels"

Painted Ute in the paddock at Burrawang West Station Condobolin NSW

Our First Ute "Circle Work" by John Murray

Lightning Ridge's famous outback artist, John Murray, demonstrated his keen enthusiasm for the project by painting the first in a series of utes to be displayed.  Murray's "Circle Work" features a flock of galahs at play, encircling a 1971 Holden HQ series ute as it floats through the air towed by a flying sculptured galah. 
More about John and "Circle Work"

Circle Work by John Murray


Celebrating "Ute's" Birthday

Burrawang West Station celebrated the birth of the Holden ute, which first rolled off the production line in 1951.
Celebrations included a fireworks display and the Lee Family Band rocking the ute artists and guests through the night (seen below - Photo courtesy of RM WIlliams)

First birthday celebrations with Lee family Band singing