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'Utes in the Paddock' have a feminine touch

Driving tourism at Burrawang West

Condobolin Argus

The 60th anniversary of the first Holden FX Ute rolling of the Port Melbourne production line has been marked in a most unique way at Burrawang Resort, Ootha 30 minutes east of Condobolin.

Resort owner Graham Pickles is developing an open air gallery of numerous Holden utes adorned with artworks created by famous Australian bush artists.… read more

'Utes in the Paddock' have a feminine touch

'Utes in the Paddock' have a feminine touch

Condobolin Argus

For artist Belinda Williams (pictured left) working with other artists on a project like the 'Utes in the Paddock' exhibit was an opportunity she just couldn’t turn down. "It really is a unique situation having three artists - Greg Brenna, Stephen Coburn and myself-working together," she said.… read more

'Outback Ute Reef' is anchored to Burrawang West

'Outback Ute Reef' is anchored to Burrawang West

Condobolin Argus

Sydney based artist and sculptor, Stephen Coburn found out about the 'Utes in the Paddock' from his good friend, artist John Murray, who painted the first in the series of now ten utes on display at Burrawang West Resort 25 kilometres east of Condobolin… read more

Number nine ute ready for paddock

Number nine ute ready for paddock

Condobolin Argus

Dubbo based Artist Peter Mortimore is the common thread with the newest 'Utes in the Paddock' contributing artists - Belinda Williams and Greg Brennan. Greg has known Peter for a while and has also received awards in his 'Mortimore Art Prize'- a competition designed for traditional artists now in its third year.… read more

Two more 'Utes in the Paddock'

Two more 'Utes in the Paddock'

Condobolin Argus

Australian Bush artist of international fame, Eris Fleming first heard about the 'Utes in the Paddock' project from friend and fellow artist Peter Mortimore, who had just completed his 'Clancy stops the Overflow' ute.read more

Sydney Morning Herald -  Come west to paint our gorgeous models<

Ute Gallery
Holden utes are canvases in an innovative paddock exhibition in the central west of New South Wales.

Story Ian Glover, Photos Karen Tooth - Utes Annual 2009

WHAT IS THE FASCINATION WE HUMAN BEINGS HAVE FOR sticking vehicles in the air on poles?
We all know about the airborne WB Holden ute in Deniliquin, in southern New South Wales, There's also a Peugeot on a pole near Pooncarie, in the far west of NSW.… read more

Sydney Morning Herald -  Come west to paint our gorgeous models<

Come west to paint our gorgeous models

by Keith Austin - Sydney Morning Herald

THERE'S something odd growing on the flat, red plains out beyond Parkes, on the quiet road leading to Burrawang West cattle and sheep stud: utes. Seven of them so far, with five more to come by the end of the year… read more

Tribute the the Aussie ute

Tribute to the Aussie ute

Daily Telegraph

AT HISTORIC Burrawang West Station on the Lachlan River in NSW's Central West, the Aussie ute has transformed into a work of art. In the grounds of the homestead, a spectacular outdoor gallery features seven utes decorated by outback artists.… read more


Burrawang Ute: a tribute to Aboriginal stockmen

by Karen Tooth - Condobolin Argus

‘Utes in the Paddock’, a unique tourist attraction at Burrawang Resort east of Condobolin, is about to gain another ute.
This ute is being painted by Queensland artist Michael Jones, who started work last Saturday...
read more


The Land Magazine Front Page -  A change of artA change of art

by Katana Smith - The Land Magazine
OLD utes are art and an attraction on a Central West farm bringing a bit of the famous Route 66 of the United States to Australia. Burrawang West Station owner, Graham Pickles, is collecting old utes, having them painted by wellknown Aussie
artists and then dumping them back in the paddocks of his Ootha property, between Parkes and Condobolin. read more


Parkes Champion ArticlePainted utes aim to change our landscape

Parkes Champion
A start has been made on a paddock full of uniquely painted utes at Burrawang West station at Ootha, west of Parkes. read more


Utes show off culture

The Ridge News
Local award-winning artist John Murray has painted the first in a series of utes to be displayed at ‘Burrawang West’, near Ootha. Set in the heart of the Lachlan River, the historical cattle station near Condobolin displays a dynamic celebration of Australia’s outback culture. ... read more


Argus Front page And then there were three...

by Karen Tooth - Condobolin Argus
Famous Aussie “scallywag” artist Peter Browne already known as the vegemite man and Volkswagen man is about to become known as the “Burrawang ute man”.
Third artist to participate in the eye popping ute painting project at Burrawang West, where 12 Holden utes are to become a canvass in a paddock adjacent to the road, Peter is one of as many famous Australian “outback” artists working with station owner Graham Pickles to put Ootha and district on the map. ...read more


Ute number two for paddock

Condobolin Argus
Popular artist Shane Gehlert is to complete his contribution to Burrawang’s “Utes in a Paddock” project this week.
Burrawang West owner, Graham Pickles is thrilled to have the second ‘Ute in a Paddock’ underway with Mr Gehlert creating another unique visual icon for the tourist attraction. This ute is one of 12 proposed for the tourist site on the Mulgutherie Road near Ootha... read more


Argus Front page The "Paddock Ute" to boost tourism by Karen Tooth - Condobolin Argus

by Karen Tooth - Condobolin Argus
The first of 12 uniquely painted and eye catching utes has been completed at Burrawang West station. Famous Lightning Ridge artist, John Murray, has painted the first Holden ute promoting outback art and tourism. Burrawang West Station owner, Graham Pickles, is behind the push to promote Australian outback art and his vision is to display 12 utes painted and interpreted by 12 famous Australian outback artists. ...read more