Belinda Williams - Drizakubra

Drizakubra work in progress by Belinda Williams

Inspired by breaking news released in October 2008 that one of the best known Australian brand names, Driza-Bone was back under full local ownership, Belinda Williams took on the brave task of transforming a WB ute into the quintessential outback stockman.  The huge figure commands a bold presence as it appears to lumbar across the paddock, clad completely in iconic Aussie gear.

Recording vivid Australian landscapes

Watercolourist Belinda Williams has been producing award-winning pieces for more than a decade.
Using her self-confessed "love of the Australian landscape" she has captured iconic scenes of cotton fields ready for harvest in northern NSW, remarkable gorges in Western Australia's Kimberley and the all-Australian swimmers of Bondi beach.

Belinda Williams

Belinda Williams

Born in Moree, north-west NSW in 1970, Belinda has been a full-time artist for more than 11 years after taking up a paint brush seriously in 1997.

With an exceptional eye for light and shadow, Belinda's pieces are evocative and allow you to transport into the work and experience the rich tapestry of colour and mood.

Despite living between Sydney and Moree for most of her life, a calling to revisit the outback has continued to be very strong, she says.
A never-ending source of inspiration continues to feed her desire to portray this element of the Australian countryside and community.
Vistas have been captured for eternity on canvases from the family property at Carossa, Moree, where Belinda painted in the converted Shearer's Quarters, and from Broken Hill, The Kimberley, Central Australia and Sydney beaches.

Exhibitions are numbered and cover a huge footprint, including Lord Howe Island, The Kimberley and north-west NSW.
Many Sydney galleries and art spaces vie to show her and work has been exhibited at Gallery on the Wentworth, Weswal Gallery and the Sydney International Terminal.

Her exceptional promotional abilities, personal presence and generous spirit combine to make Belinda one of Australia's finest watercolourists in creative skill, attentive portrayal and community capacity.
A member of the Stockman's Artists of Australia, Belinda has a versatility that is now moving into oil works, with her first solo exhibition in Sydney scheduled.

An avid supporter of charities she has generously donated pieces to the likes of The Royal Flying Doctors, Victor Chang Charity, Children's Cancer Research Institute and Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service for fundraising activities.

Patrons of her works include radio identity John Laws, Jack Cowin of Hungry Jacks, and international polo player and prominent Australian property holder Sinclair Hill.
Belinda has been acquired into both public and private collections in Australia and abroad. Her exceptional portrayal of the landscape and social customs of the nation capture the eye of many collectors and corporations.

Belinda recently worked on the innovative project “Utes in the Paddock” after being invited to participate by project coordinator Graham Pickles. “Utes in the Paddock” is a project being undertaken at Graham's property, Burrawang West Station, Condobolin, NSW.

Her website showcases the versatility of the artist who produces self-motivated and commissioned work.
Belinda has qualifications in graphic design attained through Randwick TAFE, Sydney and has continued a relationship with industry through her work.
She has combined her painting abilities with design to allow wider dispersal of her images and give everyone the opportunity to own their piece of the Australian landscape through her postcard and card collection which can be ordered through the Belinda Williams website.


2001 Weswal Gallery of New South Wales.
2000 Exhibited in New South Wales Open Garden Scheme.
2000 Opening of Sydney International Terminal. "Discover Art Australia."
2000 "Carbeen Exhibition," Carossa Huts Studio."
2000 "Amanda's On the Edge." N.S.W Art Society Showing.
1999 "Stockman Artists of Australia." William Inglis Stables, Sydney.
1999 "Recent Travels." Carossa Huts Studio.
1998 "Kimberly Fine Diamonds." Kununurra.
1998 "The Majestic Kimberley." The Kimberley, Western Australia.
1997 "Purple Haze." The Moree Gallery.
1997 "Down The Watercourse." Carossa Huts Studio.
1995 "Little Houses." Avenue Art, Orange.
1994 "A Spirit In The Bush." The Blue Telegaph, Moree.


1997 Illustrated "Thanks for Coming" a selection of poems by Murray Hartin promoted on the John Laws morning show.
1997 Inflight magazine, Qantas/Eastern Australia sponsorship.
1998 Publication "The Guide" projecting Moree, illustration front cover.
1994-98 Private and Corporate Collections throughout Australia, NZ, USA and Britain.

Representations in Galleries

Gallery On The Wentworth Sydney
Woollahra Antique Centre, Times Art Sydney
The Moree Gallery, Heber Street, Moree
Kym Hart Studio, Wyman Street, Broken Hill
Peter Browne Gallery, Silverton, Broken Hill
Not Just A Salon, Lord Howe island