Jim Moginie and Stephen Coburn – UteZilla

Painted Ute titles Circle Work by John Murray

Jim Moginie and Stephen CoburnFellow sculptors and musicians, Jim Moginie and Stephen Coburn's collaborative transformation of a FE model ute was inspired by the song Redneck Wonderland, a track off one of Midnight Oil's albums. Memories of delightful frights from the big screen Japanese horror film genre monsters influenced Jim as the oversized toy like red kangaroo took shape.

The addition of a joey makes UteZilla a female of the species, as does her determined expression which suggests that potential adversaries should beware of her intentions to protect her young.

Jim is a founding member of Australia's legendary band Midnight Oil, playing guitar and keyboards as well as writing songs throughout the mid seventies until the group disbanded 25 years later in 2002 when co-member Peter Garrett left to pursue a political career.

Since then, Jim has been actively producing and playing on many records with artists as diverse as Silverchair, Sarah Blasko, End of Fashion, Jimmy Barnes, Neil Murray, Kasey Chambers, The Fauves and Neil Finn. He has also released two solo works; the four-track EP Fuzz Face in 1996 and his first full-length solo album, Alas Folkloric released in 2006. Jim has a new album on the way and continues to perform on stage with his new band, The Family Dog.